I love the question, “What does simple look like?”

I try to ask myself that every morning.

We tend to complicate things, especially when it comes to success and goal-setting. Instilling good habits and getting rid of bad ones is something that I have been putting more energy towards and really want to get better at this year.

As I shift to growing my next business + start to do more consulting to help other service business owners productize and grow, it is even more important to create consistency in the small, yet important, daily habits.

Here are 3 quick and simple habits I recently have been working to instill in my life that could also bring value to you:

1: Write down your desired outcomes and actions each day.

What do you want to achieve? We all have that one important goal for the next quarter or year. Outcomes are what we want and daily actions are what moves us closer to these desired outcomes.

Each day, outline what are the daily actions that you are going to achieve that will move you closer to your goals? If these outcomes aren’t working or moving you closer to achieving your goals, you need to reevaluate what you are doing each day and course correct.

2: Plan your day before it starts.

This is something I’m working hard to instill and build a habit around. Being here in Barcelona, setting a time each evening to review the day and plan the next day has been challenging, but something I’m pushing myself to do more consistently. There is no shortage of research that supports this habit. How can you outline the most critical actions/outcomes that you will execute the next day? This lets you start the next day with less friction and more mental clarity.

3: Create accountability.

As humans, we are great at breaking promises to ourselves. Then justifying why we broke them. The power of accountability to another person with similar goals can be game-changing. I have recently hired a new business coach who is currently helping me. I can’t tell you how powerful this can be.

Do you have the same strategy when it comes to your business? If not, how can you find someone that you can be accountable towards?


**Here are some additional questions to ask yourself going into the week:

*What are the one or two major outcomes and deliverables I am prepared to commit to achieving this quarter that are going to move me closer to building a stronger productized service?

*What are the non-negotiable business outcomes I’m prepared to make?

*Who have I given permission to tell me the truth and hold me accountable?


Do you run an online service business and need help productizing your service? I would love to connect and see if I can help.

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