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Workshop your ideas, collaborate on opportunities, and learn from experts specifically building productized service businesses like you.

Leverage our group of productized service business builders who are in your corner to answer your biggest questions that arise as you have them.

It’s true that success can be found with….

  • A second pair of eyes
  • Mentors
  • Advisors
  • A mastermind group
  • The right questions, at the right time
  • And peers that are ten steps ahead of where you are

These are all proven ingredients to help you reach your biggest goals, crazy fast.

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See what productized founders say about Productized Mentor:

Adam Crookes of squeezed.io

Freshly Squeezed is a productized writing service for CBD companies looking to drastically increase their SEO presence online. Adam started the company when joining Productized Mentor and has now quickly scaled to $4k MRR (and growing). His main focus was to niche down and remove himself from the writing process.

Kris of webinargrow.com

Webinar Grow is a done-for-you productized webinar service for SaaS companies. Kris really focused on taking his consulting agency and packaging up his core super power (webinars) and offering that to the market. One of his biggest wins was taking all the moving parts and putting them into a refined process. Currently around $15k MRR

Mark of leadnuggets.com

Lead nuggets is a productized email marketing company that focuses soley on helping eCommerce stores that leverage Klayvio. Mark launched the idea inside Productized Mentor and is focused on dialing in product market fit and his initial traction.

Mike of amzauthority.com

Mike runs AMZ Authority which is a productized amazon ppc service that exclusively works with Amazon FBA companies. Mike's main goal was to really get clarity on direction, and help get a true second pair of eyes on his onboarding and operations of his business. The main goal was to free up his bandwidth and time to focus on growth.

Patrick of editvideocalls.com

Patrick left his comfty $200k+ video editing business to build a productized service. He wanted an asset that could scale and run with out him. We made some quick pivots in his plans and he launched Edit Video Calls a productized service that extracts highlights from your everday Zoom calls and creates branded content you can leverage to grow your business.

Jesse of copywritingcrew.com

Jesse runs a copywriting productized service focused on helping coaches and consultants create copy for the websites, emails and landing pages. Jesse's main issue was to clearly determind focus and next moves, positioning, and team building. His main goal was to save time and build a more valuable asset.

Greg of jollyseo.co

Greg runs a productized SEO link building business that is 100% paid on results. Our number one goal was to find the biggest leverage points in his business to take his workload down. Focusing on automations, dialing in his finances, and streamlining his operations were some of the first things we tackled. Jolly SEO no is on pace to scale past $60k MRR.

From the Desk of: Tyler Gillespie
Thinking Time Chief at Productizemyservice.com

My name is Tyler Gillespie.

I help service businesses with their biggest operation, scaling, and growth issues by productizing so they can build hyper-profitable assets investors are fighting over to buy (if they want to sell).

Over the past 15 years, I have run, acquired, and sold service businesses. It's in my blood.

After exiting my most recent productized service business (A productized content writing service) to a private equity fund, I found myself consulting with handfuls of service businesses with the desire to scale and do the same.

All of this has been incredibly rewarding and something that has put me in the privileged position to see “under the hood” of hundreds of different service businesses. I now want to share that roadmap and knowledge with you.

My goal is to help “save” struggling service businesses that have latched on to an old painful way of operating.

Which is why I’m launching Productized Mentor.

Something I wish I had years ago.

Productized Mentor is a small curated mastermind group specifically for service businesses looking to productize.

Productized Mentor will help you overcome the biggest hurdles you will face as you build your service business.

I am not only learning every day by coaching and consulting, but I’m also actually building (Applause Lab + Proofreading Pros) and investing in handfuls of productized services.

My goal is to share everything I know with you.

However, it’s important to note this is not for everyone. I require a commitment to take action, accountability, and I'm a stickler for your success. This group is also not best suited for people who don't have an active service business.

You will need to take action week over week, contribute, and share your journey with others in the group.

If you’re looking for a small intimate setting and you’re looking to invest in your growth, crave accountability, want to learn from me directly, then Productized Mentor will have a rather “larger than life” ROI for you.

""My business has grown significantly since joining Productized Mentor. Within a few months, Tyler helped me double PodReacher's MRR and streamline operations. As a result, my business is easier to run and I can truly focus on growth. In business, it's really important to have a mentor who has actually done what you're trying to do. Not only has Tyler scaled and sold a productized service before, but he's growing a new one alongside the community, which makes his advice super timely and relevant."" -- Jaclyn Schiff of podreacher.com

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"The Majority of dumb taxes incurred are a direct result of having only one voice in the conversation when the original decision is made."
Keith Cunningham

**A word of warning: this is not for beginners and not for those who don’t have a service business yet. You must have an active business to be qualified and join.

It's time to build your round table of trusted mentors and advisors

The #1 on-demand community to grow your Productized Service business online.

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What if I'm not a freelancer or agency owner? Can Productized Mentor still help me?

If you run any service-based business, then the content you will receive with this membership will be incredibly useful. I work with Freelancers, Consultants, Coaches, and Agencies all working to scale their service offerings. You're going to love this.

How will Productized Mentor work?

Every two weeks we will circle up for our 1-hour strategy, accountability and AMA call on Zoom to discuss wins, struggles, and your most important questions to help you grow. Everything is documented, recorded and time stamped for your reference anytime.

What if I'm just starting out and have no revenue yet?

Many Productized Mentor members are in the “Launch” phase and much of our content, interviews, and resources will be incredibly valuable to you. However, most of the content is for more advanced business builders. This is NOT for newbies. You much have an active idea or business to join.