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First of all i’m excited to have you! You should be getting a welcome email from me shortly (tyler@productizemyservice.com) so please make sure to whitelist that for all future updates. First step is to complete your onboarding, and book your consulting welcome call. 

Couple Important notes before diving in:

Productized Mentor Accountability

Within a few hours you will receive your special invitation to our private Twist community exclusively for Productized Mentor Members. Once you join we simply ask you introduce yourself in the #Member Introductions channel. You will instantly have access to all past resources, content, and be able to chat, and network with any members directly. 

You now have full AMA access to email me any questions, concerns, challenges and or issues as they arrise. All weekly AMA access will be directly available in our Private Community in Twist. You can directly message me here.

You can expect a detailed response to any of your biggest challenges, questions, and concerns every week on Thursday by EOD. 

Each Wednesday you will receive our private email just to members with updates, resources, links to new interviews, mini-masterclasses, and breakdowns as they arrive. This will make it easy to stay updated with new content.

This Event Calendar will be your go-to resource for all our live Interviews, events, and Masterclasses held each month. You can simply add this calendar event directly to your calendar to catch any livestream as it happens. Everything will be streamed to the Productize My Service FB Page and other social channels.