During the later part of running Content Pros before selling it, we had incorporated a concept called a “Code Freeze,” which was an extremely helpful concept in successfully removing us from the business completely.

You need to “get out of our own way” in most cases.

The concept is extremely simple and is something coders use frequently when creating software.

You simply pause your work and walk away for a desired amount of time, let’s say 1-2 weeks, letting your “machine” do its thing without you. You can then return and see what worked, what broke, and what now needs to be fixed.

This concept can be extremely useful for online service-based businesses.

You see, when you’re deep in your business, you just don’t see everything. You don’t allow your business proper space to breathe. This is natural of anyone running a business.

If your goal is anywhere remotely close to having your business run, operate, or grow without you, then this is something you need to do.

Pause and do nothing for half a day, then a full day, a week, etc. simply make a list of everything that broke during your absence.

Your roadmap to having a business run more without you is now much clearer.  

Questions to ask:

Have any of you used this technique?

What are your overall thoughts?

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