8 Unconventional Growth Strategies for your Service business

I had the pleasure to speak for my friend Matt Kohn’s private membership community a few weeks ago and share some of my philosophy when it comes to growth strategies. I wanted to share that talk + notes with you as I think it could be very valuable for you as you look to grow […]

The Productized Services Business Model Explained

The Productized Services Business Model Explained

Could your service-based business benefit from adopting more of a productized service model? There’s been lots of chatter in recent years about the productized services business model, and in this article, we are going to take a closer look at the advantages of this business model and how it could have the potential to transform […]

The Power Of Thinking Time For Your Productized Service Business

As an entrepreneur, CEO and leader, it is your duty to make vital business decisions and build a well oiled productized machine. When you’re running a service-based business, however, the workload can often be all-consuming, leaving you with minimal brainpower to think about anything else other than delivering quality services to your customers — even […]

Why you need a financial scoreboard for your productized service

Every service business has a score. This score shows you how you’re doing. Are you operating at peak performance or way below your potential? Are you winning or losing? Not having this score is like being lost without a compass, wandering in the desert hoping to stumble on water.  The Financial Scoreboard  I’ll admit, early […]

Stop Sabotaging your Productized Service

How conscious are you when it comes to how you spend your money within your service business?  Every dollar spent should be thought of as an investment in your business. For me, I have always tried to shift my language from “expenses” to “investing”, as it changes how you look at how you deploy your […]


Focus is one of the most powerful tools an entrepreneur possesses, yet it can be equally debilitating if it is broken or spread too thin. It’s our true kryptanite.

Simple Habits

We tend to complicate things, especially when it comes to success and goal-setting. Instilling good habits and getting rid of bad ones is something that I have been putting more energy towards and really want to get better at this year.

Code Freeze

Productize my service Code Freeze

During the later part of running Content Pros before selling it, we had incorporated a concept called a “Code Freeze,” which was an extremely helpful concept in successfully removing us from the business completely.