There’s a new online business model in town! It’s called a “productized service”. This is a way of taking a client-based service and packaging it into a clearly defined product, ust like buying something off the shelf at your local store or, more relatably, clicking “buy” on Amazon. When freelancers, consultants, or agencies take on new projects, the workload can often become open-ended, dragging on for weeks or even months at a time without any end-point in sight.

Productizing a service can help to prevent uncontrolled growth of a project’s scope. This enables them to set clear boundaries whilst still offering customizable solutions in the form of packages. 

Have you considered starting a productized service? 

Whether you’re a service-based freelancer or a full-time employee with entrepreneurial tendencies, the world of productized services could be about to unlock a stream of opportunities for you to capitalize on. Here are 10 examples of productized services you can start today. (Plus at the end, get access to our Database of Productized Services to spark even more ideas!) 

1 – Podcast Production Service

With more consumers listening to audio content than ever before, many small businesses are starting to consider adding podcasting to their digital marketing strategy. However, there are a few minor hurdles that stand in the way…

Producing a high-quality piece of audio content takes time. Small business owners would need to purchase specialist equipment and invest a significant amount of time to turn their podcasting ambitions into reality. This is where you come in!

From scripting to mixing, a podcast production service can give small businesses done-for-you audio content that focuses on their key niche or industry. The offering for small businesses could be packaged into a set amount of episodes per month at a fixed price.

Example: Podblade, a done-for-you productized podcast production service. 

2 – WordPress Support Service

Navigating WordPress can often become a maze-like experience. Plenty of plugins are required to create a fully functional website, and these can occasionally conflict with each other and cause untold chaos. It’s never a pretty sight.

If you possess some WordPress wizardry, why not launch a WordPress support service? You can contact businesses to see whether they would be interested in signing up for a retained maintenance and support package. There could be other packages that focus on more specific tasks, such as theme and plugin installation.

Example: WP Buffs, a 24/7 productized wordpress support service doing over $50k MRR

3 – Optimizing Airbnb Listings Service

As a platform, Airbnb is more crowded than ever. Getting a property to stand out requires a little bit of magic from those who understand the Airbnb algorithm. Like any platform, Airbnb has its own language. If you happen to be fluent in it, why not start optimizing listings for local properties?

Your service could offer listing optimization for a standalone fee. Alongside this, you could have an ongoing package that lets the property owners take a hands-off approach to platform management. You can respond to reviews, give updates on bookings and become an extended member of their hospitality team.

Example: Optimize My Airbnb, a productized service helping you get the most out of your Airbnb listing. 

4 – LinkedIn Outreach Service

LinkedIn is a powerful beast. The platform is the cornerstone of digital networking. When LinkedIn is effectively utilized, it can result in streams of potential leads knocking at a business owner’s door. If you know how to create value on the platform and build audiences, why not launch a LinkedIn outreach service?

There are dozens of web-based applications that can help you to automate the process of LinkedIn outreach, whilst remaining in control at all times. This can enable you to deliver at scale and juggle several client campaigns at once. An outreach service could be packaged around the number of interactions or consequential leads produced.

Example: Lead Cookie, a productized service helping businesses generate more leads on Linkedin doing $40k MRR

5 – Niche SEO Agency Service

Search engine optimization is an absolute must for online businesses that are failing to rank highly for keywords and phrases in their industry. There are thousands of general SEO agencies out there, so the competition is likely to be intense. Although, if you focus specifically on a niche market, you will be able to scale faster.

From lawyers to osteopaths, there are hundreds of professions that your SEO agency service could specialize in. Focusing on a niche will give potential clients the confidence to choose you over a generalizing competitor. You could offer packages for link building, local SEO, and technical SEO.

Example: Jolly SEO, a productized link building service doing $30k MRR

6 – Remote Recruitment Service

The demand for remote work has never been higher, as individuals increasingly look to gain a better work-life balance. If you have experience in recruitment, you could tap into this rising need by offering remote recruitment services in productized packages.

For instance, if you are approached by a company looking for a remote workforce, you could get them to sign up for one of your productized packages, guaranteeing a certain amount of applicants or exposure.

7 – Web Development Service

Do you have extensive experience building front-end or back-end projects? Web development can often feel like an open-ended service. Projects of this nature always seem to require custom solutions. This can make it very challenging to package a web development solution into a self-contained product.

However, if you have the ability to crack the code and create a productized web development service, you will be able to wrap projects up quicker and potentially increase your workload. In terms of packages, you could offer an e-commerce website solution for a set price and include an optional add-on for ongoing maintenance and support.

Example: The Web Hunters, a productized web design shop offering a “build your own” package builder.

8 – PowerPoint Service

PowerPoint presentations are far from a thing of the past. Whether it’s for a team meeting or a venture capital round, this unique form of visual presentation can become a key storytelling component for presenters. They want to see people take action, and an effective PowerPoint presentation has the ability to achieve this.

So, why not start a productized PowerPoint service? In an initial consultation, you can talk with prospective clients about vital messaging that needs to be communicated in the presentation. You can then use your creative brain to craft a clever strategy to deliver this messaging. This service could be packaged based on slide count. 

Example: No More Hours, a productized powerpoint design service that blends structure around hourly rates. 

9 – Email Marketing Service

Without an efficient way to automate email campaigns, sending mass emails can be painstaking. In this scenario, it can prove to be more hassle than it’s worth. You could help people to bolster their digital marketing strategy with a done-for-you email marketing service.

From crafting the copy to scheduling the campaign, your service will allow businesses to take a hands-off approach to their email marketing campaigns, leaving the potentially challenging work to you. If you were to write the copy and design the graphics for each campaign, this would need to be factored into the cost. You could offer tiered packages based on the number of recipients.

Example: Email All-Stars, a productized email marketing solution for E-commerce stores that use Klayvio.

10 – Graphic Design Service

Do you have a keen eye for design? As the rush for digital attention and engagement continues, small businesses need compelling visual graphics for their marketing campaigns. They’re unlikely to have the budget to be able to hire a full-time graphic designer, so they will be looking for a more cost-effective solution.

To meet their needs and requirements, these small businesses may be more open to exploring packaged on-demand services. This gives them the flexibility to buy your productized service only when they need it. A productized graphic design service could be packaged to include a set amount of visual graphics in different dimensions for multi-purpose use.

Example: Many Pixels, a productized graphic design service offering unlimited monthly design requests. 


If you’re talented in a specific skill, why not turn it into a productized service? This business model can enable freelancers to quickly scale their operation, providing a reasonably predictable income. Many business owners, who are burdened with projects that grow in size and scale, could also benefit from shifting towards a productized service model. 

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